The economy is still not pressure-free: Prime Minister Prachanda

Nov 21, Kathmandu- Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda has claimed that the economy is not free from pressure yet. He said this while speaking at the Singha Durbar on Tuesday in a discussion with political parties, the private sector, and concerned bodies about solving the problems of the current economy.

He said that although some indicators of the economy are positive, the economy is not free from pressure. He said that it is necessary to have more in-depth discussions to solve the problems of the economy.

Prime Minister Prachanda said that problems related to cooperatives, microfinance, bank interest, and businessmen's loans have arisen for various reasons in the past, but some people are trying to gain political advantage by showing this problem. He said that efforts are being made to spread mistrust and chaos in the society.