Deepak Manange Will About To Produce Action Film 'Kangaroo' Soon

Nov 21, Kathmandu- Film producer and leader of CPN Unified Socialist Rajiv Gurung 'Deepak Manange' has announced a new film on Tuesday.

The film 'Kangaroo' directed by Samrat Basnet is said to be directed by Samrat Basnet. There is no detailed mention of the film that will be shot in Australia and Nepal. In the statement released about the film announcement, Manange has been identified as the producer. Manang has previously produced Poi Paryo Kale, Dui Nambari film.

After 'Kangaroo', he is preparing to make 'Baghchal' with Savin Shrestha. Director Basnet said that 'Kangaroo' will be produced in suspense, thriller and comedy genres. Earlier, the film 'Lakhe' directed by him was produced in the action genre.

This film is going to be produced in collaboration with Asap Entertainment along with Phoolmoon Motion Pictures and Uttargaya Music and Films. Prem Thapa and Dhan Bahadur Gurung will invest in the film.