Petition Filed Against Tiktok Ban In 'Not To Be Seen' List

Dec 05, Kathmandu- The petition filed against the ban on the social network TikTok has been placed on the 'not to be viewed' list.

The trial scheduled to begin today in the Supreme Court has been put on the 'do not watch' list. On the 27th of Katik, the government decided to close Tiktok in Nepal. The government has been saying that it is necessary to ban TikTok because social harmony has started to break down.

14 petitions were registered in the Supreme Court against the government's decision. During the hearing on Mangsir 5, the Supreme Court issued a show cause order and fixed the date of the full hearing for today. The bench of Justice Vinod Sharma had ordered the government to submit a written reply with the reason for shutting down Tiktok by November 15.