What is life from a religious and philosophical point of view?

Dec 06, Kathmandu- What is life? Unanswered questions! Currently, it seems that the common people are frustrated with life due to political reasons or various situations in Nepal. The games played with the political parties and the country and the people have increased the frustration of the common people. After all, complaints over life are increasing. The suicide rate has also been increased day by day.

After all, what is life? Is it just the phase between birth and death or is it a game of karma? “Selfishness saves. Love connects. Religion inspires hope and preserves faith”. Life is what we see or experience. Life is what one imagines. The definition or concept of life is also separated in the ‘Righteousness Science’ and ‘Astrological Science’. Scholars also have different opinions. Some say that God is the director of our lives. We are reveling in imagination. You are desperate to reach a beautiful world of ‘Utopia’.

Everyone has different minds, different qualities, different paths. Actually, we are only acting where the director is different. ‘Righteousness Science’ says that a dream is a conversation between the soul and the brain after the body sleeps from which, the future of life is determined. When the director shows us the script of act in the night, we are guided in dreams. We play the same role in the real life. Sometimes the scene of sadness and sometimes the scene of happiness. Sometimes the scene of birth and sometimes the scene of death. Sometimes we see ourselves in hospitals, sometimes struggling in the schools, sometimes messed up at jobs sometimes with the businesses. Challenges are repeated over and over again.

However, the opinion of science is different. Science also accepts karma, anger, greed and attachment as part of life. ‘Tantra Shastra’ accepts the cycle of life but says that an accident or suicide is only a relinquishment of the physical body and one has to spend the whole life invisible in illusion. Tantra Shastra experts argue that only a coward commits suicide and then his/her life gets extremely painful than before. Astrology also says that one is offered life to pay for the deeds committed in the previous birth and its consequences. In the birth chart of such a person, Rahu and Venus, Mercury in the seventh house along with the lord the fifth house and living in the first house as the lord of the seventh house. It is said that if the Pancha Mahapurush Yoga formed by Saturn named ‘Sha’ ‘Sha’ is the seventh or the tenth house is not formed, he has killed his wife in his previous birth and in this birth he will get an introverted wife, have illicit relations, have more than two marriages, failure in married life etc. In fact, the search for life is a profound element.

There are many reasons for failure in life. Among which advice is one of them, unsuccessful people either do not take advice from anyone or they take advice from everyone. Some people blame their faults and mistakes on fate or indulge in a different fantasies having an America life. However, the scriptures also say that Nepal is blessed with the best geography. As ‘Skanda Puran’ tells the greatness of Nepal in Sanskrit, " नेपालं च महाक्षेत्रं भुक्ति मुक्ति फलप्रदम् " It is said that Nepal is the ‘Mahakshetra’ of enjoyment and liberation. As the land of Nepal is said to be rare even for deities, when Maharishi Valmiki, the first poet of Sanskrit literature, wrote the Ramayana, was confused and asked to Narad Muni about where should he sit to write his literature? When asked where I can stabilize my mind? Then Narad muni advised him to stay in Nepal and compose the Ramayana. Some time ago I wrote a ghazal while thinking about what life is.

Life is an experience, it must be woven. Life is an opportunity, it's meant to be choosen. It should be replaced and used continuously. Life is a radio play, keep listening. Some say it's a blank page, some say it's water. Life is a joy, it should be counted. Life is to be researched, life is about thoughts. Life is a flower, it’s worth making a garland.

The mystical power inherent in every living being has been the subject of deep contemplation in various fields, from religious scriptures and philosophical treatises to captivating stories in books and movies. Scholars, both ancient and modern, have grappled with the question of what life really is. Among global religious traditions, for example, Christianity emphasizes the sanctity of life as a divine gift. Hinduism depicts life as a continuous cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Buddhism urges seeking enlightenment and liberation from the cycle of suffering.

Similarly, movies show the human thinking as a mirror of human experience. In fact, movies are dreams. As in the world famous Hollywood movie "The Matrix", it tries to define the life within ‘Sanatan Dharma’, Hinduism in a deep way. The purpose of our lives flow in a story like a river. Our aim is to meet the sea. We are born like water. Then we go to the destination together with the small children of the neighborhood. If we do not have other roots with us, we cannot go to a greater destination. For that we need friends and family. With that, we go to the destination of life like a river. As soon as someone dries up. Some are added. The same goes for relationships. Some get together and some break up. Hope is a waking dream. As a human being, you should never loose hope because the river that comes out of the mountains has never asked "Where is the ocean?" .

Youth Astrologer Writer, Film Writer, and Director Janak Khadka is the writer, director and presenter of program "Utopia-Ek Sunder Bhawishya" which is currently being prepared for broadcast.