University Vice-Chancellor Selection Case: Ministry of Education's Clarification - The selection of 14 people is fair

Feb 12, Kathmandu- Minister of State for Education, Science and Technology Pramila Kumari has claimed that the selection of Vice Chancellor of Tribhuvan University is by the rules.

After questions were raised about the names of some of the 14 people on the shortlist, Minister Kumari told the Education Committee of the Parliament that there was no complaint against anyone in the recommendation committee. Former Vice Chancellor Tirtha Khanian has been accused of intellectual theft but he has been shortlisted.

"He is a former officer. He was accused of intellectual theft, but no complaint was filed against him", she said. Acting Vice-Chancellor Shivlal Bhusal is accused of hiding the information. However, Minister Kumari said that there were no complaints about Bhusal either.

"There is an allegation of hiding the information, who is the deputy minister. He has been shortlisted but no complaint has been filed. The recommendation committee has taken the process forward. All work has been done by the law", Minister Kumari said.

Suresh Adhikari, secretary of the Ministry of Education, said that now there is not a search committee but a recommendation committee. 'It is not a search committee, it is a current recommendation committee. The committee called for applications. The presentation was done. It will be recommended to the chancellor based on merit,' he said.

Vice-Chancellor and Education Minister Ashok Rai was called to the committee meeting. However, Minister of State Kumari attended the committee meeting saying that Minister Rai was out.