Samantha's Comeback After 7 months

Feb 12, Kathmandu- South Indian actress Samantha is going to make a comeback through a podcast. After seven months, she is about to make a comeback through a podcast.

Recently, she worked in the Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpayee's web series 'The Family Man'. His performance was loved by the audience. She took a break from acting after shooting for the film 'Citadel'. After shooting for 'Citadel' web series, she took a break in acting. He will also be seen in this series.

Due to her health, she took a break from the film for seven months. He has a disease called 'myositis'. In this disease, the body becomes weak and the muscles ache. In severe cases, people find it difficult to stand and even walk.

On Sunday, she posted a video story on Instagram and said that she is going back. She said through the video that she is going to run a health podcast.