China Making Telescope In Search For Alien Worlds

Feb 12, Kathmandu- China is making a new telescope to search for alien worlds in space. A new telescope is being installed in the high mountains of the north-west Himalayas.

The name of this telescope is The Jiao Tong University Spectroscopic Telescope. It will search for outer planets.

The telescope is being made by Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The telescope will be activated after 2 years. From this, China hopes to start receiving information about the alien world from 2026. Chinese scientists will observe space from here. They will try to find outer planets and alien worlds.

The telescope mounted here has an aperture of 4.4. In other words, each telescope can switch to several targets at once. Scientists hope that discoveries will be made in space from this Chinese telescope. It is said that this will be the most powerful spectral telescope ever. It will contain a high-precision spectrometer.