Community Health Units Of Jantedhunga Rural Municipality Of Khotang Closed

Feb 24, Kathmandu- Four community health units established with the aim of expanding access to health in villages in Jantedhunga Rural Municipality of Khotang have been closed. In the year 2074, four of the six community health units established by the local government led by Shankhar Bahadur Rai and Bimala Rai, elected from CPN-UML, have been closed.

At present, only Sikkimtar of Jantedhunga Rural Municipality-1 Devisthan and Dumrikote Community Health Unit of Jantedhunga Rural Municipality-2 Bopung are operational. Bamrang Community Health Unit and Kattike Community Health Unit of Jantedhunga Rural Municipality-4 Dambarkhushiwalaya and Khuta Chiruwadhara Community Health Unit and Matepani Community Health Unit of Jantedhunga Rural Municipality-5 Chisapani have been closed.

Village clinics and vaccination services are conducted from closed community health units. In Jantedhunga rural municipality-4 Dambarkhushiwalaya, the health unit has been closed due to political bias, the elected ward president of UML Biduraman Rai claims. In the rural municipality which has 6 wards, Arunadebi Rai of the Maoist Center is the president and Khem Bahadur Khadka of the Congress is the vice president.

Meanwhile, the Bamol Community Health Unit of Jantedhunga Rural Municipality-6 Diplung is limited to opening. Despite the inauguration, local residents complained that the health unit did not provide services.