Valley-Centered Justice March Of Meter Interest Victims From Today

Feb 25, Kathmandu- The meter badge victims are going to start a justice march against meter badges in the valley from today.

After 25 days of walking and arriving in Kathmandu on Friday, the meter badge victims are going to start their march from Sunday after resting on Saturday.

Spokesperson of Kisan Labor Struggle Committee Against Meter Interest and Fraud, Nirag Navin informed that they will come to Bhrukutimand from 12:30 p.m. in front of the Electricity Authority's building at Padmodayamarg-Bagbazar.

"We are more than 800 present. We will march for peaceful justice", he said.

"After a march, the event will feature a variety of people speaking about the issues of victims. So far, the government has not invited them for any talks. That is why they are in internal discussions", he said.

They started marching from 16th of Magh demanding 6 points. They are adamant that they will not return until their demands are met.

They have been staying at Bhukritimandap since Friday.