Agreement Between Fonepay And GLN International For Int’l Payment System Between Nepal And Korea

Mar 26, Kathmandu- An agreement has been signed between Fonepay and GLN International for the international payment system between Nepal and Korea.

PhonePay, Nepal's largest payment operator and GLN International, Korea's global payment network provider, have signed an agreement to jointly provide cross-border QR payments between Nepal and Korea.

Based on this agreement, the two companies will work on the necessary regulatory, technical and commercial feasibility to provide cross-border QR code payments between Nepal and Korea.

Through this collaboration between Fonepay and GLN, tourists coming to Nepal from Korea will be able to make CSR payments in Nepal.

GLN users coming to Nepal from Korea can now use Realtime Payment QR payment services at Phonepay's thirteen lakh stores through banking apps like Hana 1Q, KB Wallet, iMbank, Toss, Hana Money and GLN App, the company said.

"I am excited to embark on this collaborative journey with GLN and PhonePay in line with our commitment to provide cross-border payment services worldwide," said Kyungho Kim, CEO of GLN. Our mission of providing payment solutions has also been made worthwhile."

Fonepay CEO Diwas Kumar said, "We are excited to collaborate with GLN to expand our services to Korean tourists and have recently added a new member to our international expansion drive."

He said that this collaboration will provide technical support to open new opportunities, increase financial inclusion and help Nepal create a successful digital economy.