Nepalese Among Foreign Students Studying IT In India Are Most In Number

Mar 29, Kathmandu- It has been found that most of the foreign students who study in India are from Nepal. Most of them have chosen Information Technology (IT). The latest report issued by the Indian Department of Higher Education has shown such statistics.

According to the 'All India Survey on Higher Education' (AISHE), which covers 1,062 universities, 42,825 colleges and 10,576 institutions in India, a total of 46,878 foreigners came to study in India in 2021/22. According to the same survey, 13 thousand 126 Nepali students were enrolled in India that year, which is the highest number.

After Nepal, 3 thousand 151 students from Afghanistan, 2 thousand 893 from America, 2 thousand 606 from Bangladesh and 2 thousand 287 students from UAE have been admitted during this period.

Among foreign students, 74.8 percent are enrolled in undergraduate courses and 15.8 percent are enrolled in postgraduate courses.

13 educational programs enroll more than a thousand foreign students. In which 11 thousand 461 students were enrolled in Bachelor of Technology, 3 thousand 346 students in Bachelor of Business Administration and 3 thousand 289 students were enrolled in Bachelor of Science.

Similarly, the report mentions that the maximum number of students are studying in Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka. More Nepali students are studying Bachelor of Technology and Bachelor of Engineering in Bangalore, which is considered the IT capital of India.

An average of 6,000 foreign students are enrolled in IT colleges in Bangalore every year, 90 percent of whom are Nepali. There are 10 public and private universities.

There is a rule that educational institutions have to reserve certain seats for foreign students. Nepali students are their choice because they are hardworking and disciplined.

In a conversation with Kantipur TV, Dr. G Githa, Director of Computer Science Engineering Department of Jain University, Bangalore, said that students from 53 countries are studying with her. "Especially the Nepalese students are very talented," she says.

Students studying IT in Bangalore also get job opportunities according to their abilities while completing their studies. From the offices of big IT companies located there, even giant companies from all over the world come to the university there in search of IT talent.

Bangalore in India is becoming the choice of Nepalese students to study IT and engineering, and big universities are attracting students from different countries. It includes Nepal, Bangladesh, Africa, European countries etc.

Prem Rauniyar, a student studying IT in Bangalore, tells Kantipur Television, "Studies are good here. Skills can be learned because there is an opportunity to work. Internships are available from first to second year according to skill.

Although studying IT in India is a bit more expensive than Nepal, most of them go to study on Nepali scholarships. For this, students who have passed 11/12 have to apply online and take the entrance exam. After that, the work of confirming the admission can also be done from Nepal.

Bangalore is not only an IT hub but also known as a safe city. Bangalore is the choice of many Nepalis due to its climate, which is neither too hot nor too cold throughout the year, and the matching food culture.

Nepali educational consultant Shivshankar Sah says that Nepali students in Bangalore are also comfortable in terms of placement. "Bangalore is the hub of big IT companies and it is attracting everyone," he says.