Supercomputer Being With An Investment Of 133 Trillion In Process

Mar 30, Kathmandu- The famous technology company Microsoft and the main player of AI, OpenAI, are going to build a powerful supercomputer. These companies have announced that they will make a supercomputer worth 100 billion dollars (about 133 trillion 19 billion 58 crore rupees).

These companies have come up with an ambitious plan to build a supercomputer named 'Stargate' for AI-related work. According to The Information, this project will provide a powerful data center that is needed for fast AI-related work.

It is said that making a supercomputer will cost a hundred times more than the current data center and Microsoft will invest for this.

Similarly, Stargate has been taken as a flagship program in the series of supercomputers made jointly by these two companies. Also, it is estimated that Stargate will be released in 2028.

However, this project is not a whole, but is said to be the last phase of a five-phase plan related to AI that Microsoft and OpenAI have divided. Currently, under the fourth phase, these two companies are making a slightly smaller supercomputer. Its construction is said to be completed in 2026.

This project is expected to further advance the possibilities of AI. Currently, apart from Microsoft and OpenAI, other big technology companies are also in this race.