MP Paudel's question to Education Minister Shrestha: When will the political color end in the university?

Apr 01, Kathmandu- Nepali Congress Member of Parliament Pradeep Paudel has demanded action against those who lost answer booklets from Tribhuvan University.

He made this demand while speaking at the meeting of the House of Representatives held today. MP Paudel said, "TU's answer book has been lost not only today but also before this. There is no record of who took it? Punish the people who took them, punish those who prove that they were taken, and those who lead such an administration are not punished".

The copy of the exam given two years ago was lost, did the student lose the copy? And whoever lost the copy does not take responsibility. After two years, a notification will be issued once from the beginning of the year. Lost a copy? Can a student pass again by coming to give the exam at once?

Meanwhile, he asked the Minister of Education Sumana Shrestha when will the political color in the university end? He said, "How is Tribhuvan University led by our honorable leader who says that he will radically change Tribhuvan University and will not allow it to enter? What is the difference between the appointment process yesterday and today? While it was said that no political color would be allowed, it was seen that the appointment process is now colored by politics".