China Renames 30 More Places In Arunachal Pradesh

Apr 01, Kathmandu- China has given new names to some of the places in Arunachal Pradesh.

According to Chinese media, 30 places in the province have been given new names.

In order to strengthen its claim in Arunachal Pradesh, China has been issuing new names of places here.

However, India has been denying it. India says that China's new name will not change the truth.

According to a report by China's official newspaper 'Global Times', China's Ministry of Civil Affairs has issued new names for 30 places in Zhang'an (the new name of China's Arunachal Pradesh).

In 2017, China released the first list of new names for Arunachal Pradesh. 6 new names have been included in it.

In the year 2021, 15 places were given new names. Where in 2023, a list of 11 new names was released.