Authority should be closed in this country: MP Amaresh

Apr 02, Kathmandu- Independent MP Amaresh Kumar Singh has commented that the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority has become a tool of political revenge.

Speaking in the House of Representatives meeting on Tuesday, MP Singh demanded that the authority be abolished as it has become a tool of political revenge. He said the employees stopped working because of the attitude of the government and political parties. He alleged that the authority could not touch the leader, minister and prime minister in the corruption case. He commented that even if the leaders of the political parties commit corruption, the victims are the employees, and it is not the job of the authority. He alleged that even the court could not touch the leaders in the corruption case. Stating that the Prime Minister gives license to the Minister to loot, he said that the country cannot move forward in this way. He says that because of political parties, Nepal has become a mockery of the rule of law. He claimed that people's trust in the government is decreasing.