'The Red Suitcase' in trailer: Sougat and Bipin in different roles

Apr 02, Kathmandu- The trailer of the film 'The Red Suitcase' starring Saugat Malla and Bipin Karki in the lead roles has been released.

The trailer of the film 'The Red Suitcase' was released during a program in Kathmandu on Tuesday. In the film, Saugat has played the role of a pick-up van driver, while Bipin has played the role of an ex-serviceman.

Prabin Khatiwada also plays the lead role in the film written and directed by Fidel Devkota. The film has Sushan Prajapati's cinematography and Saman Alvitigala's editing.

Produced by Ramakrishna Pokharel, Shobha Thapa and Fidel Devkota, the film is co-produced by Sri Lankan Vimukthi Jayasundara. The producer Pokharel had earlier produced 'Ainaa Jhyal Ko Putali' and 'Halkara'.

This film has been selected in Germany's Mannheim Heidelberg International Film Festival, Switzerland's Zurich Film Festival and India's Mumbai Film Festival, and has won awards at the world-renowned Venice Film Festival and Jaffna International Film Festival. This film is being screened from Chait 30th to clash with 'Degree Maila' on the occasion of New Year.