UML Supported Samajwadi's Sodari To Submit Claim For Chief Minister

Apr 18, Kathmandu- In the Sudurpaschim Province, the leader of the Parliamentary Party of the Unified Socialists, Dilig Sodari, has submitted a claim to the Chief Minister.

Samajwadi's Sodari has submitted a claim to state chief Nazir Mia along with UML, Maoist Center, two MPs of Nagarik Unmukti and one independent.

After two claims of NUP were made on Sunday, Chief Mia rejected them and gave two days to submit the claim to the Chief Minister again on Tuesday.

Although UML was reluctant to support Sodari, Sodari's claim was submitted from the power coalition after giving support at the last moment.

The support of 27 MPs is required to form a government in a 53-member state. In favor of Sodari, 10 MPs from Maoist, 10 from UML, four from Samajwadi, two from Civil Immunity and one independent MP have expressed their support.

Five people from Resham Chaudhary's side of Civil Immunity did not support Sodari. Nepali Congress, the largest party with 18 seats, will sit in the opposition.