DishHome's New Year Plan 'DishHome Mission 2081' Released

Apr 18, Kathmandu- DishHome has introduced a new plan called 'DishHome Mission 2081' on the occasion of New Year. The company has introduced a scheme that will benefit its customers who can watch Dishome for free for the next one year after recharging for one year.

According to the company, customers participating in this scheme can get an additional bonus of 1 month to 12 months through 'lucky draw' immediately after recharging for one year of DishHome.

In DishHome Mission 81, Dishome customers will be able to recharge DishHome annually for Rs 3,000. Similarly, basic plus can be recharged at 3,500 rupees and premium lifestyle at 4,000 rupees annually.

The company said that customers can go to the nearest dealer and recharge through fund transfer or online recharge service IME Pay, Khalti. The company has informed that through the dealers, sub-dealers and sellers of Dishome all over Nepal, customers can participate in this scheme by recharging annually through fund transfer.