Jhapa Municipality Provides Bicycles To Students Of Grade 9

May 12, Kathmandu- The Jhapa Rural Municipality, has provided bicycles to students of class 9 studying in public schools of rural areas in Jhapa.

Since last year 2075, the rural municipality has been distributing bicycles to the female students studying in the municipality every year, but from this year, bicycles have been distributed to all the students of class 9, said Anjudevi Thapalia, the acting president of the rural municipality. Thapalia said that even in this financial year, the rural municipality has allocated a budget of 40 million rupees for the purchase of bicycles and this year 343 students of class 9 have been distributed one bicycle each.

Gajendra Thapalia, the chief administrative officer of the rural municipality, said that apart from the conditional budget for education received from the central and state governments in the rural municipality, the rural municipality has allocated a budget of 30 million rupees for education and the main budget of this has been spent on distributing bicycles to students studying in schools.

Saki Chand Thakur, Ward President of Ward No. 5 of Jhapa Rural Municipality, said that the municipality is providing scholarships to all students studying in classes 11 and 12 and special scholarships to students studying technical subjects even at the graduation level.