'Guilty Or Not Guilty' From Jestha 3 At Kausi

May 13, Kathmandu- The play 'Guilty or Not Guilty' will be staged at Kausi Theater in Teku from the 3rd of June.

The play 'On the Night of January Sixteenth' by the Russian-American writer Aayan Rand has been Nepalised and prepared, this play will be staged until the 26th of Jestha. The play will present a court debate on whether the incident is murder or suicide after the character named Radheshyam Agarwal, the owner of Agarwal Investment Venture, falls to his death from the 19th floor.

Bijay Tamrakar, Abhas Adhikari, Samapika Gautam, Basna Timalsina, Rupesh Lama, Sagar Dahal, James Dhakal, Ashok Gautam, Nabin Chandra Aryal, Arun Paudel, Sushma Niraula, Manish Byanju, Sadin Luintel, Raunak Karki, Bijay Paudel, Isha Sinjali and others in the play. The play is directed and designed by Raj Kamal Fakir.

Similarly, the sound coordinator is Naresh Gajurel and the lighting manager is Ashant Sharma. The play will be staged every day except Tuesday at 5:30 PM, while there is an additional show at 1 PM on Saturday.