Online Cases Registration System And Automatic Notice System Of Payment In Starts In SC

May 14, Kathmandu- From today, the system of registering cases online and automatically sending payment notices has started in the Supreme Court. Chief Justice Bishowambhar Prasad Shrestha, launching the new service today, expressed his belief that it would be easy, simple and convenient for people from remote areas to register cases online.

Stating that the system of online case registration prepared by the Information Technology Branch of the Supreme Court is gradually being implemented in the high and district courts, Chief Justice Shrestha urged everyone to cooperate to make this achievement a success.

Chief Justice Shrestha said that by using the online system, there is no need to physically attend the court to register a case, it is possible to register a case through a firm even if you are away from the court, and it is expected that the time and cost of attending the court to register a case will be reduced.

The court has expected that when registering a case using the system, no fee has to be paid for using the system, the work of registering a case will gradually become paperless, digital missiles will be created and record management will be facilitated. The Supreme Court said that after the implementation of the system, there will be less crowding in the court, and the physical presence of the service users in the court will be reduced.

The court expects that the system of automatically sending payment notices will help to reduce the time and manpower required to send the payment notices in paper form, and it will be possible to run the service economically. Similarly, the Supreme Court said that if the details of payment notices sent and received remain in the system and can be viewed at any time from the system, it will be easier to manage the payment, save the time of the court and manage the records easily.