Ranbir Kapoor's 'Ramayana' Becomes The Most Expensive Indian Film

May 14, Kathmandu- Bollywood director Nitesh Tiwari's ambitious project 'Ramayana' is currently in the limelight. After some ups and downs, the shooting is finally going to start, according to the Indian media.

Some pictures from the shooting sets have been leaked which has increased the anticipation. There is a latest update about this film which will make the audience more curious.

Ranbir Kapoor starrer this movie is going to be the most expensive and ambitious Indian movie ever. According to close sources, the makers have confirmed that they have allocated a budget of 100 million USD for 'Ramayana: Part 1'.

Producer Namit Malhotra is harnessing his global experience to make a brilliant and magnificent film. "The budget of 100 million US dollars (835 crores) is only for the first part of Ramayana. As the franchise grows, he plans to expand it further. By doing this, the makers want to give the audience a visual treat with Ranbir Kapoor as Lord Ram,” said the source.

Released in 2022, Ranbir Kapoor's 'Brahmashtra' was made at a cost of Rs 450 crore. This film was the most expensive Hindi film at that time. The makers are not only setting a new record with 'Ramayana', they are also ready to set the standard for Hindi films.

The budget of 'Ramayana' is fixed at around 835 crores. The film required 600 days of post-production work, indicating the investment required to create some original scenes. "The aim of making Ramayana a mega budget is to take Indian cinema to the world level," said the source.

In this film, 'KGF' star Yash Lankapathy will be seen in the role of Ravana. Sai Pallavi will be seen in the role of mother Sita. If reports are to be believed, Ranbir has claimed that he is a complete vegetarian during the shooting of this role.