Egg's Cost Value Missing After Going Into Continuous Losses

May 25, Kathmandu- In recent years, the poultry farmers have not been able to find the cost price of eggs and have formed an expert group to search for the scientific cost price of eggs. After having to sell eggs at a low price, most of the farmers started being displaced, so the cost price was searched.

Poultry expert Dr. Til Chandra Bhattarai, associate professors of Agriculture and Forestry University, Dr. Rewant Bhattarai, Dr. Subir Singh, associate professor Dr. Ananta Dahal and Dr. Bishnu Pokharel, led by the Nepal Poultry Traders Forum, have calculated the scientific cost of eggs.

According to Rajendra Lamichhane, outgoing president of the forum, the expert group has calculated the cost price of 16.56 eggs per farmer. At present, farmers are getting Rs 15.33 as the farm price.

The price received now is the highest ever. A year and six months ago, farmers were forced to sell even at Rs.8 per.

Lamichhane informed that the platform has decided to request the government for the determination of the support price after discussing the cost price with the government and private sector at the local level.

According to him, it has been decided to request the government to fix the support price at the minimum cost price after discussing with the stakeholders including industry association, industry association, chamber of commerce, local people's representative, animal service office, national poultry disease investigation laboratory.

According to Dr. Ananta Dahal, the cost price has been fixed by including the expenses of farm construction, purchase of chicks, consumption of feed, bank interest, medicine, labor etc. Binod Pokharel, president of Nepal Layers Poultry Association, said that the production of eggs has decreased by half compared to earlier production.

It is estimated that up to 600,000 eggs are produced daily in Nepal due to high production. He informed that only 2.8 million eggs are being produced daily. Pokharel said that 75 percent of the farmers had to be displaced because they could not sell their products at cost price. He says that even those who have survived have increased their bank loans and started their business.