The ity hospital will be operational by June

May 25, Kathmandu- A city hospital will be operational in Shivasatakshi Municipality within the current financial year. With the construction of a facility-rich building, 15 Shiya City Hospitals have been prepared for operation within the current year.

In Shivasatakshi Municipality-6, the construction of one and a half bigha of land has been completed after five years of signing a contract for Rs 10 crore 67 lakh.

Municipal information officer Prakash Chaudhary informed that citizens of Gauradah, Gauriganj, Shivasatakshi, Jhapa Rural Municipality in the southern part of the district will receive treatment from this hospital.

He informed that the ministry has already sent organizationally so there will be 30 posts for the hospital. The hospital will be staffed by four medical officers, nurses and other health workers. The municipality is planning to provide 24-hour services from the hospital.

After the operation of the city hospital, it is expected that the compulsion to go outside for treatment will end. The hospital's electricity, water and rooms management is yet to come. Earlier, Birtamod, Kankai, Damak, Buddhashanti and Arjundhara Municipalities have already started city hospitals.