Congress is not destined to come to power since 2084: Bishnu Paudel

May 25, Kathmandu- CPN-UML Vice President Bishnu Paudel has said that Congress is destined to remain in the opposition until 2084.

Paudel made this comment while addressing the 11th District Convention of CPN-UML. He has said that he will take the Congress to the elections by keeping it in the opposition, "The Congress has always gone to the elections when it was in power. UML has always been in the opposition and has gone to the elections. This year, it is written in the fate of Congress to stay in the opposition till 084 years. This alliance will continue until the election".

Vice President Paudel said that many efforts are being made to break the current equation. he said that this equation would not be broken. Paudel also claimed that the Congress is backing away from the agreement to form an inquiry committee on the fraud of cooperatives. He said that if the Congress did not agree to run the Parliament, saying that it had obstructed the Parliament by holding the majority hostage, it would move ahead with the disruption.

Another vice president, Surendra Pandey, said that there will be a problem in bringing the budget due to the obstruction of parliament. He said that when the country is in economic crisis, they are trying to obstruct the Congress in bringing a budget together.