Working Group Meeting Started At Singha Durbar

May 25, Kathmandu- The meeting of the working group formed to decide the procedure for forming an inquiry committee on cooperatives has started at Singha Durbar. The meeting which was called at 3 pm started late when Law Minister Padam Giri, who was the coordinator of the working group, returned from Parbat.

Khanal said that in today's meeting, when forming the parliamentary inquiry committee, the ruling party will give an option to form an inquiry committee, not to name Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane, but to name Suryadarshan, Supreme and other cooperatives named by the Congress, and that will be discussed.

The Congress asked the ruling party to come up with an alternative to investigate the cooperatives connected with Minister Lamichhane without naming him. The options given by the ruling party are being discussed in today's meeting.