Trailer Of Movie 'Acharya' Released

 May 25, Kathmandu- The trailer of the film 'Acharya' based on the biography of Bhajan Shiromani Bhakta Raj Acharya has been released. This trailer, which has been released with re-editing, feels fresh and touching.

The film, which will be screened again in Nepal and international markets on Asadha 7, portrays Acharya's struggle to establish himself in music. His musical career of 16 years has been presented in the film.

His elder son and singer Sathya Raj is seen in the role of Acharya. The current superstar Dayahang Rai, Bipin Karki, Saugat Mall are also present in the trailer.

After the death of senior musician and singer Acharya, the film is about to be re-released. This film is directed by Prashant Rasaili and produced by Roshan Rai. Banktes Entertainment is re-presenting nationwide.