Nepali Workers Filed A Case Of Discrimination Against The British Company

 May 25, Kathmandu- A Nepali worker has filed a complaint against an organization for paying low wages in London.

Sapna Pangeni, a Nepali worker, filed a complaint against a British farm saying that she was given low wages and was kept in an unmanaged and cold place with five men.

Experts say that this kind of litigation on the issue of discrimination can be a good example.

Experts have estimated that employers who pay low wages to migrant workers may face tougher action in discrimination cases.

31-year-old Pangeni applied for employment at the British farm EU Plants Limited. The plants paid him low wages and provided him with housing in a cold location shared with five other men.

Sapna and other immigrants reported discrimination to the UK Employment Tribunal to enforce their employment rights

Pangeni was selected and employed by EU Plants Limited to pack strawberry and raspberry plants at a farm near Reading from November 2022 to January 2023. However, she quit after two months saying that she was underpaid. Pangeni sued the plants with claims of low wages and indirect discrimination.

The case is currently being heard at the Employment Tribunal in Southampton.

Pangeni told the tribunal that a caravan had been allocated for her to live in. He said that he felt uncomfortable living in a caravan with five men.

They were not provided with heaters in the caravan. She complained that the UK was no different from the Gulf countries and was paying less than what was being paid.

Pangeni came to the UK from Nepal on a working visa.

Experts have also warned that migrants are being exploited.

The head of the organization fighting for the rights in the workplace of Britain. Sharmila Bose says, "Workers are taken advantage of when they can't claim their rights, workers fear that their visa status will be compromised."

Sharmila has represented the dream.

In the year 2023, the Home Office issued visas for 32 thousand 700 seasonal workers.

Further hearing of this case will be held from 4th to 6th June.