Prakash Man's Health Is Improving Gradually

Jun 06, Kathmandu- Nepali Congress leader Prakash Man Singh, who is undergoing treatment in New Delhi, India, is improving his health, according to his secretariat.

He went to New Delhi on the recommendation of a Nepali doctor after he had problems with his urinary system. Initially, he was undergoing regular treatment at Bir Hospital. Later, he went to Fortis Hospital in Gungaon, New Delhi for treatment through Nepal Mediciti Hospital.

Prakash Man's assistant UP Lamichhane, who is in New Delhi, informed that the operation was done on the 21st and his health is improving.

"He will probably be discharged in a day or two," said Lamichhane. He said that even after discharge, preparations are being made to return to Nepal only after completing the follow-up work.

Along with Prakash Man, his wife and sons are also in Delhi.