‘Nvidia’ Becomes The Second Most Valuable Company In The World Surpassing ‘Apple’

Jun 06, Kathmandu- The chip manufacturer Nvidia has become the second most valuable company in the world after the iPhone manufacturer Apple.

Nvidia's shares rose by more than 5% on Wednesday, bringing the company's market value to over 3 trillion 10 billion US dollars, according to the BBC. Nvidia's share price has reached more than 1,224 dollars per share.

Last May, Nvidia's market value was 1 trillion dollars, but in February, it increased by 1 trillion and reached 2 trillion dollars. In the last four months, Nvidia has become a company worth more than 3 trillion dollars.

Founded in 1993, Nvidia has been working in the fields of video games, movies, music, and television. Recently, with the increase in the discussion of artificial intelligence, i.e. 'Artificial Intelligence' (AI), Nvidia's market value has also skyrocketed. Nvidia has been providing chips to companies working in the AI ​​field. Currently, investment in the AI ​​sector is increasing in various countries.

Currently, Microsoft is at the top with a market value of 3 trillion 15 billion dollars. Similarly, Apple is in the third place with 3 trillion dollars.