Anmol And Aanchal To Collaborate For The First Time In 'Jerry On Top'

Jun 07, Kathmandu- Actor Anmol KC and actress Anna Sharma along with Aanchal Sharma will also play the lead role in the film 'Jerry on top' which is being prepared for production.

As Anmol and Anna were decided earlier, the production team signed actress Aanchal for the film only on Friday.

Anmol and Aanchal are going to collaborate for the first time in this film which is going to be a triangular love story. The film will be directed by Suyog Gurung. Directed by him, Farki Farki is currently in its third week of release.

Saroj Neupane and Deepak Bhandari are the producers of the film which is based on Hemraj Bisi.

Rohit Adhikari is attached as creative producer.