Apollo 8 Astronaut Bill Anders Dies In Plane Crash

Jun 08, Kathmandu- Apollo 8 astronaut Bill Anders has died at the age of 90.

Anders was known as one of the most famous photographs of outer space.

The plane Anders was on crashed while flying over Seattle, Washington.

Anders' son Greg confirmed his father was on board the small plane. His dead body was found on Friday.

In a statement issued by the family, it is said, "We are in deep shock. He was an excellent pilot. He will always be remembered".

Anders, the Lunar Module pilot on America's Apollo mission, captured some of the most famous pictures of Earth from space on his camera.

These images are considered to be some of the most inspiring and memorable images ever taken in outer space.

Launched the day before Christmas in 1968, Apollo was the first mission to reach the moon. In Anders's photo, the moon appears to rise above the horizon above the surface of the earth.

Anders later described this photograph as his most important contribution to the space program.