Communication Minister Sharma's Move In The Appointment Of Managing Director Of Telecom!

Jun 08, Kathmandu- The subject of changing the standards before the appointment of the managing director of Nepal Telecom has become controversial. The government has changed the criteria to make it easier for candidates of their choosing.

On Jestha 22, the government invited applications for the post of Managing Director of Nepal Telecommunications Company Limited.

The government has released new norms and reduced the age limit and qualification. It is said that the applicant should not be more than 58 years old. Previously the age limit was 56 years. The provision of having at least 3 years of experience in managerial positions has also been removed. Although civil engineering and mechanical engineering are kept, electrical is not kept in the standard.

Electrical Engineers are employed in Telecom. Every time the government is accused of revising the standards by targeting the people close to the telecom leadership. There is a discussion that the age provision in the criteria has been relaxed for Bimal Acharya, the closest candidate for the 10th level Minister of Communication and Information Technology working in Nepal Telecom.

Communication and Information Technology Minister Rekha Sharma appointed her advisor Bhupendra Bhandari as the Chairman of Nepal Telecommunication Authority. Bhandari is a former employee of Ncell. It has started to be analyzed that the attempt to appoint one person by changing the criteria is limited to open competition drama.

After the then managing director of Nepal Telecom, Sunil Paudel, was arrested for the crime of illegal wealth acquisition, the process of appointing a new managing director has been in controversy since last Magh.