Government Vehicle Set On Fire In Biratnagar Demanding The Release Of Students

Jun 09, Kathmandu- Students of Mahendra Morang Adarsh Multiple Campus, demanding the release of ANNISU member Deepak Yadav, set fire to a government vehicle.

ANNISU President Jashwant Paudel informed that a Scorpio vehicle numbered 1 Jha 644 of the State Planning Commission was set on fire in front of the Biratnagar campus on Sunday.

President Paudel said that the students protested against the arrest of 6 people, including Swaviyu member Yadav, by the police while protesting against the opaque activities in Rangeli municipality.

In this process, the students set fire and vandalized 6 vehicles, according to the District Police Office Morang. The vehicle in which Dr. Rajendra Adhikari, Vice Chairman of Planning Commission was riding, was vandalized and set on fire in front of the gate of the campus.

Similarly, in a party palace near the CPN-UML district party office, 5 vehicles parked in the parking lot were vandalized. The van was vandalized while the program of Nepal Electricity Authority was running.

According to the police, vandalized vehicles numbered BA AB 8180, Bagmati Province 01-00 J 2701, BA 1 J 2419, BA 001 J 2990 and BA 1 J 1887.

Currently, a large number of police have been mobilized under the leadership of Deputy Superintendent of Police Ved Prakash Joshi from District Police Office Morang and Deputy Superintendent of Police Buddha Shrestha from Ward Police Office Biratnagar to control the incident.

According to campus president Paudel, the local students protested a few days ago, stating that the Rangeley municipality had acted intransigently on the issue of teacher appointment and fee reduction of private schools.

At the same time, he said, the police arrested a group of students including Yadav, a resident of Rangeli-6 and a member of ANNISU Mahendra Morang Campus, on charges of misbehaving with the executive mayor and chief administrative officer of the municipality, and the city guard.

In the incident, 4 city policemen were injured. The police arrested 6 people including Yadav for being involved in the incident and are investigating by extending the deadline for the indecent behavior case.

The students of Mahendra Morang campus had demonstrated earlier in Biratnagar demanding the release of those arrested.

Among the arrested students are 23-year-old Deepak Yadav of Rangeley-6, 20-year-old Rahul Yadav, Rukum Yadav, 18-year-old Raman Kumar Rai of Rangeley-7, 19-year-old Bishek Jha of Rangeley-8 and Milan Mishra of Rangeley-2.