Printing Of Smart Driving License Paused As The Payment Of Machine Couldn't Lift

Jun 09, Kathmandu- The vehicle smart license printing which started after the arrival of the new card has been stopped again. The company that brought the machine to print the license in Nepal demanded money after the warranty and stopped the machine yesterday.

After the arrival of the new card, the department has printed about 150,000 cards. That said, there were preparations to print about 4,000 cards yesterday and Saturday. However, after the automatic shutdown of the card printing machine through the software, the printing of new licenses has now stopped.

Currently, the mass printer with the Department of Transport can print 4500 licenses per day. This machine was imported from Italy and had a 3-year warranty. The license printing process has been stopped after the payment due after the warranty is over.

Director General of Transport Management Department Uddhav Prasad Rijal said that new license printing has been stopped since yesterday.

He said, "By controlling the software used in the mass printing printers that are operating now, they have made the machines in Nepal not to print the license. We have talked. After the warranty is over, 20 percent payment has to be made. Now the importer has stopped the machine after demanding payment. 15 million has to be paid. We are discussing disbursement of funds for that payment day. The company said that they will tell you that you can print the license from the software".

All over Nepal, those who have passed 1 million 600 thousand trials and given for renewal have not got their licenses. Even though the department started printing licenses frequently before this, it had not started working for a long time.

The department has planned to buy 2 million cards and printers in the current financial year. The department currently has a printer capable of printing only about 1 lakh cards per month. It will take about 11 months to print the current card.

Although the new smart license could not be given, writing and trials for new licenses are going on all over the country. Those who have passed the trial are walking with the tickets given by the transport offices. The trial has been stopped since May 1 in the transport office under Bagmati province.