Free Brain Tumor Surgery Started At Bir Hospital

Jun 09, Kathmandu- On the occasion of Brain Tumor Day, Bir Hospital has started free surgery for brain tumor patients from today.

Prof. Dr. Rajeev Jha, Chairman of National Brain Tumor Center, informed that brain tumor patients coming to the hospital will be operated free of charge from today till Asadha 16. According to him, surgery in an outside hospital costs at least one to three lakhs.

He informed that when the cells of the body are growing abnormally, brain tumor is a problem. As people age, the possibility of brain tumors increases along with the weakness of body parts. People who are weak due to diseases like hepatitis and AIDS have a high chance of developing lymphoma tumor, he said.

Another cause of brain tumor is bad radiation. X-ray, city scan radiation is considered to be harmless. The most commonly used technique in the treatment of brain tumors is 'SRS' i.e. taxi radiosurgery. Doctors say that it dries up some brain tumors without surgery, but due to the high dose of radiation, it directly affects other parts of the body and increases the risk of cancer later. 6 to 8 brain tumor patients are coming to the hospital for treatment every day. According to Jha, hundreds of brain tumor patients come to the hospital every day across the country.