Shortage Of 'Blood' In Chitwan

Jun 10, Kathmandu- Bharatpur-based Regional Blood Transfusion Center organized a blood collection program on Jestha 15 in Manang. The technicians of the center returned with 55 units of blood collected by the local Shweta blood donor campaign.

Two thousand units of blood were brought to Bharatpur from Pokhara Regional Blood Transfusion Center in Chaitra and Baisakh. Now, even though centers like Pokhara have been requested to avoid the lack of blood, they have not been able to get blood.

Head of the center, Rameshkanta Paudel, informed that although the demand for blood is being eased, it is getting difficult. The Center has reached the districts of Makwanpur, Bara, Rautahat, Sarlahi, Dhading, Lamjung, Tanahun, Gorkha, Nawalparasi, Bardghat-Susta East and collected blood.

Compared to the past, blood collection is decreasing while the demand is increasing. According to him, 27 thousand one hundred and four units of blood were collected in the last financial year.

The number of units of blood donated at the center was 5,835. The center used to collect up to 35 thousand units of blood in the past. The center informed that the blood collection is gradually decreasing.

The center is run by Nepal Red Cross Society Chitwan branch. Branch president Hari Paudel says that they are meeting the demand for blood by making maximum efforts. A hundred to one hundred and fifty units of blood are required here daily. BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital, two medical colleges, Bharatpur Hospital and private hospitals demand blood. By separating the blood elements from the collected blood, one unit of blood meets the needs of two patients.

Chairman Paudel says that there is a decrease in blood collection due to the migration of youth, lack of motivation regarding blood donation, the current situation is very hot, the appearance of diseases such as fever, and chronic diseases at a young age due to diet and other reasons.

Along with this, it is reported that less blood is collected even when there is a blood donation program. Dr. Bhojraj Adhikari, the former chairman of Bharatpur Hospital Development Committee, says that blood donors have decreased due to the technology of testing who can donate blood. He says that the technicians who collect blood should be trained.

Stating that they are more strict than necessary, he said that even patients with high blood pressure and diabetes can donate blood if they become normal after taking medicine. He says that blood should be collected by giving money to rare group blood donors and giving some concessions to others in return. He suggested that blood donation programs should be kept three to four times a year in the calendar of organizations such as schools and colleges.