UML Is Voting For New Leadership In Kathmandu

Jun 11, Kathmandu- CPN (UML) elections will be held in Kathmandu on Tuesday for the selection of new leadership.

The Election Committee has informed that the electronic voting for the leadership selection will be held from 12:00 noon.

Outgoing President Deepak Niraula and Nirmal Deula are competing for the new leadership of Kathmandu by forming a group.

Only two candidates have been nominated for the position of president. The election committee has informed that the joint secretary is unopposed.

Bishwaram Sapkota from Niraula group has nominated for the vice-president post. Navraj Parajuli, Chairman of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Ward No. 32, has submitted his candidacy from Deula Group. Bidur Bikram Khadka and Navraj Bhatta have also nominated for the post of vice president.

Rajesh Shakya from Niraula group and Satyanarayan Dangol from Deula group have nominated for secretary.

Bindu Maharjan has been unopposed as the deputy secretary for women. On the open side, Uddhav Bhandari and Gunjman Singh Basnet are competing. Basnet is from Deula group while Bhandari has given candidature from Niraula group.

There are 585 representatives in the seventh district convention which started on Saturday. A 230-member committee including a five-member accounting committee is going to be elected from the convention.

Four youth clusters under the age of 40 did not receive any candidature. The Election Committee has informed that 100 people from different clusters have been unopposed.