MP Singh Demands To Abolish The School Management Committee

Jun 11, Kathmandu- MP Amresh Kumar Singh has demanded that the management committees in public schools should be abolished saying that they do not contribute anything to the quality of education.

On Tuesday, while registering the proposal of spending in four ministries under the allocation heading, MP Singh demanded that the school management committee be cancelled, saying that political parties and leaders only benefited but could not develop in the education sector.

He said, "School management committees in community schools have destroyed the education sector. It may have benefited some party, some political party, but it did not benefit the country's education. Many schools are disorganized in the name of CTEVT. Model schools and technology education projects are stalled. Such a large budget is allocated in the education sector.

He said, "Why is the ratio of teachers and students not the same?" Somewhere in the Terai, there is one teacher for every hundred students. There is one teacher for every 40 students in the hilly region. Who will fix this ratio? Isn't this work of the Ministry of Education? Second, why not abolish the school management committee? What contribution has the management committee made in improving the quality of school education? It has only done the work of robbing his relatives".