Gyanendra Shahi's Questions On Home Minister Rabi

Jun 11, Kathmandu- RPP MP Gyanendra Bahadur Shahi has questioned the government when the file on the Giribandhu tea estate case will be opened.

Speaking at a special time in Parliament, MP Shahi asked Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane when the file on the Giribandhu case will be opened. MP Shahi has asked when the Giribandhu, Wide-body, 4G, Melamchi, Teramax file will be opened.

He said that GB Rai is big and the government is big. He said that now GB Rai is big and he accused the government of not arresting GB Rai. He has demanded to arrest GB Rai immediately.

He said, "The home minister said that he will find GB Rai in the sky or in the underworld. When will he bring him, we have been watching".

MP Shahi has questioned the Home Minister saying when will the killer of daughter Nirmala from Far West be found.