Possibility Of Hot Wind Wave For 3 Days In Central And West Terai

Jun 11, Kathmandu- According to the Department of Water and Meteorology, there is a possibility of a wave of hot air in the districts of Central and Western Terai from today for three days.

The weather forecasting division under the department issued a special bulletin today warning that hot winds and hot hail may prevail in central and western Terai districts till Thursday 31st of next year. The division has also informed that there is a possibility of extreme heat in these areas.

According to the division, the temperature in some places of central and western Terai is above 40 degree Celsius. The temperature in the districts of Bagmati and Madhesh provinces including the eastern region is low. Due to extreme heat, the lives of various districts of the country, including Terai and Madhesh, has been affected.

According to the doctors, the possible effects of the hot air wave include fatigue, weakness, excessive thirst, headache, leg cramps, dizziness, fainting, muscle pain, and vomiting.

To avoid heat waves, stay indoors or in a cool place during hot weather, don't go outside too much, don't walk too much in the sun, wear light cotton clothes, cover your head when going out, wearing a hat, drinking regular water and soft drinks, and in case of health problems, should be in regular contact with health workers and get more advice and suggestions.

Meanwhile, this year's monsoon has entered Nepal yesterday three days before the date. Monsoon is supposed to enter Nepal on June 13, but this year it arrived three days earlier. Monsoon, which has entered from the eastern side, will gradually move towards other parts of the country. The department has estimated that there will be 35 percent to 55 percent more rain than Sardar this year.