Indian Border Stopped Gas Bullets

Jun 11, Kathmandu- Bullets with Indian number plates coming from India carrying gases to Nepal have been stopped at various checkpoints. Through the new budget, the government has imposed an additional duty of 1,500 on Indian vehicles used in transportation. Because there is no agreement as to who will pay the additional fee for those bullets, the bullet checkpoint has not been cut.

In the budget of the financial year 2081/82, it was arranged that the bullet carrying gas should pay an additional fee of 1500 rupees. Before Sunday, the businessmen themselves were importing gas by paying this fee. However, now the customs has included the fee in the notification in the name of the corporation itself.

Spokesman Manoj Kumar Thakur said that since the notification came in the name of the corporation, the corporation will pay the money.

He said, "Today, they are sitting at the checkpoints wondering who will pay for the 1,500 gas-carrying bullets that are coming to Nepal at various checkpoints. Until yesterday it was coming regularly. Now that we have decided to pay 1500 tax per bullet, those bullets will come. Today only about 50 bullets were stopped at the checkpoint".

He said that now there is no shortage of gas in the market and even if it does not come for a few days, there will be no problem in sales and distribution. He said that the matter of tax on gas bullets is being discussed at the ministerial level as well.

According to the corporation, there is a loss of 266 rupees in sales per cylinder. Thakur said that by paying tax of 1500 per bullet, the corporation will incur an additional loss of 1 rupee.

The government, through an economic ordinance, arranged for additional charges to be levied on vehicles and means of transport that are temporarily imported. There is a provision to pay a fee of 1,500 rupees for up to 96 hours after the goods have passed the inspection to unload the bullet truck that is transporting gas. In the case of trucks, trailers, tractors and other means of transportation that transport goods other than gas bullets, the government has set a fee of Rs 1,500 for a period of up to 72 hours.