Cristiano Ronaldo Accused Of Ambush Marketing

Jul 05, Kathmandu- Cristiano Ronaldo has been accused of ambush marketing.

Ronaldo's heart rate data, which was measured during Portugal's dramatic match against Slovenia in the ongoing European Cup, was made public on social networks.

It is mentioned that it is an illegal practice to include another company's product and service in a competition that has already been associated with an official sponsor. In this context, during the celebration after Nicolas Bentner scored a goal in the 2012 Euro Cup, the Paddy Power brand of underwear he was wearing was seen when he pulled up his T-shirt.

Those players from Denmark were later fined 80,000 euros and banned for one match. Regarding Ronaldo, it is seen that there is cooperation with a fitness company. This company has been designing wearable fitness devices that can measure heart rate, performance of athletes and sleep scores. The 39-year-old Ronaldo wore one of the company's equipment during the ongoing Eurocup match.

The company published data on Ronaldo's heart rate measured by the device on Tuesday as Portugal won the penalty shootout. Ricardo Forte, who has been the head of global sponsorship for Visa and Coca-Cola, said that the post was a clear example of ambush marketing and that both players and companies should be fined.

"Today this chart is spreading," he wrote on social network X, "Cristiano Ronaldo and Hoops are doing ambush marketing at Euro 2024. This is illegal and both players and companies should be fined."

Ronaldo is an investor and brand ambassador of the hoop. During the match, Ronaldo wore a hoop device inside the bandage on his left wrist, and from that the company obtained data about his heart rate. Hoop is not an official sponsor of the ongoing Eurocup.