Free Snakebite Treatment Service Started In Bardiya

Jul 05, Kathmandu- Free snakebite treatment service has started at the city hospital of Barbardiya Municipality of Bardia.

The service was started after all the management preparations were completed in the hospital. Because of the lack of snakebite treatment services in this hospital, which was providing 24-hour free services, the locals had to go to Nepalgunj. There was also the risk of loss of life and expenses on the way.

Training has also been provided to doctors and health workers for snakebite treatment. Due to the lack of treatment for snakebite, the citizens of this region were suffering a lot. There was a risk of death if there was no treatment on time, and the financial burden was also due to having to go to Nepalgunj. The service has been started with the aim of solving that problem.