Congress Demands To Inform The House About The Damage Caused By The Disaster

Jul 09, Kathmandu- Chief Whip of Nepali Congress, Ramesh Lekhak, has requested the government to inform the House about the loss of people's wealth caused by the calamity in different parts of the country. Speaking at the emergency meeting of the House of Representatives today, he mentioned that there has been damage due to floods and landslides all over the country and he had to read and listen to the news about the damage in the media.

Leader Lekhak commented that it was sad that the government could not clarify the matter in the House. He said, "The government is preparing to take the vote of confidence. There is no objection if the government takes the entire 30 days for this, but it has to be accountable to the House as long as the government is there. The MP Lekhak also requested to provide immediate relief to the victims of floods/slides and floods and to start rehabilitation work".

Similarly, MP Mahindra Rai Yadav of the Maoist Center has said that they are trying to move the country to a two-party system by amending the constitution. MP Yadav said that the two major parties are trying to change the constitution to a two-party system, but saying that federalism, secularism, proportionality and inclusiveness are the four pillars of the current constitution, it is not acceptable to remove proportionality and inclusiveness.

He emphasized that when the constitution has to be amended, it should be done on an all-party and all-party basis. He mentioned that the current government was formed according to Article 76 (2) of the Constitution and said that if no vote of confidence is received, the government will automatically be formed according to Article 76 (3).