Employees Being Transferred By The Customs Before The Change Of Government

Jul 11, Kathmandu- The Customs Department has transferred the employees working at various levels.

The director general of the department, Dhundiraj Niraula, has transferred the customs officers and deputy subs of Rasuwa and Birgunj customs offices.

The transfer was made by the Director General of the Customs Department at a time when the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration had banned the transfer of employees in order to create a new standard for employee transfer.

Employees who were transferred to the department only a few months ago have also complained that they have been transferred.

Some employees have also complained to the Ministry of Finance saying that they have transferred their own employees against the norms.

Laxman Bastola and Hans Rawal, employees of the department, were transferred to Rasuwa Customs only last Sunday. Arjun Karki, who was transferred to the department from Tatopani Customs some time ago, has been transferred to Birganj Customs.

Some employees of the Customs Department claimed that Director General Niraula had given a favourable start to employees known to be close to the Maoists.

"It is not possible to start now. The director general has made arbitrary transfers without even the approval of the general administration", said an employee of the department.

According to him, 10 employees have been transferred in the meantime.

Joint Secretary of the Ministry of General Administration, Bishnu Gyawali, said that no approval has been given for the transfer to the Customs Department.

"We have also banned transfers for some time to create new standards. At present, no transfer has taken place, except in the case of urgent and filling posts, the customs department has not even sought approval for new transfers. We didn't even give it", he said.

Niraula was given the responsibility of director general of the customs department last March when Varshaman became the finance minister again.