Behind-the-scenes 'influential journalist', a former secretary

October 18, Kathmandu 

A former secretary of the government of Nepal who is not out of compulsion, but voluntarily and willingly is flowing information from his personal social media account. That too in a way that feeds professional journalism. He is online 24 hours a day and keeps abreast of developments in the country and abroad. Anyone from such a background can guess who he is.

He is Bhim Prasad Upadhyaya, former secretary to the government of Nepal. His verse on the social network Facebook is, "Bombing of factual information: Born in Gulmi, raised in Bhairahawa, retired in Lalitpur."

Former Secretary Bhim Prasad Upadhyaya, who got compulsory leave from the Secretary of the Ministry of Water Supply and Sanitation, is one such person who is living a public life even after retirement. Most of the former employees of the government of Nepal who have retired from a special category do not want to live a public life in retirement. In particular, they are driven by the mentality of indulging in 'temper tantrums' and giving everyone as much respect as possible. 

Former Secretary Upadhyaya has become the subject of a different study in the general psychology of not appearing anywhere or on social media, not making small or light comments, not expressing opinions and not wanting to get into controversy. This commentator does not support the tendency of former secretary Upadhyaya in the sense of not being able to oppose or support the psychology of other former employees. It only seeks to portray social psychology and trends as they are.

However, some people are of the opinion that the behavior of former secretary Bhim Prasad Upadhyaya is really indigestible. He said that his light remarks and presentation were mocking the dignity of the former secretary. Some say that Upadhyaya could not hold the post of former secretary. However, many people also bow down to his public opinion and transparent sarcasm. The number of followers of him on social media is usually higher than that of a leader. The number of followers on his social network Facebook is around one and a half lakh.

This number of his followers is considered to be the number of employees followed by the people. He also pointed out that the anomalies and stalemate in development have been exacerbated in recent times. When he made the development work incomplete and pointed out the inferior work through social media, immediate response and corrective steps have been taken. His activism on social media is so great that even professional journalists fall behind in some of the events and topics before his Tajikization. Even journalists have to prove their innocence in the face of his activism in expressing some views and caution on development issues.

Former Secretary Upadhyaya, who was once accused of being close to the Maoists, has recently taken a keen interest in spirituality and Hinduism. He strikes at his critics with an unmistakable response. However, he has been the victim of low-level remarks, especially by CPN (Maoist) cadres.

It is felt that he has been expressing his views on social media in an aggressive and sarcastic manner mainly against the oligarchy. Although such ideas have been intensified in the past month, it is understood that they have slowed down.

Former secretary Upadhyaya, who has been expressing aggressive views against the government, was arrested a few months ago on April 25. The Cyber ​​Bureau of Nepal Police had arrested former secretary Upadhyaya from his own house in Lalitpur last night.

Although he was arrested for spreading rumors on Facebook and Twitter, some say he was arrested for plotting against the government. Though a case has been filed against him for cyber crime, he has been released on Rs 25,000 bail.

However, it was remarked that the arrest of Bhim Upadhyaya further confirmed the lack of freedom of expression in the country. Former president of the Federation of Nepali Journalists Taranath Dahal has confirmed on Facebook that the arrest of Bhim Upadhyaya has further confirmed the lack of freedom of expression in the country. It is highly reprehensible for the Secretary, the Minister and the Prime Minister to arrest a citizen for abusing the Electronic Commerce Act by being intolerant of criticism and abusive or harsh words, ”he said.

Shortly before the arrest of former secretary Upadhyay, there was a recurrence on Twitter between Upadhyay and Health Ministry Secretary Yadav Koirala over the purchase of medical supplies. After Upadhyay wrote that Health Secretary Koirala and his ministers could be sacked in the medical procurement dispute, Koirala called him a 'criminal'.

However, the reason behind the arrest of former secretary Upadhyaya was that the police had filed a case on the basis of publishing material against cyber public ethics and etiquette. Two people had lodged a complaint against him.

Upadhyay, who was arrested for cyber crime, is the most high profile person ever. Security sources said that the government may have ordered the arrest of Upadhyay as people in positions like the former secretary were constantly writing against the government.